Getting from Oslo and Debconf3

The basic rule of thumb here is that you go back the way you came, and hopefully you will end up where you started. If you have other plans, that might however not be such a good idea ☺

Getting to Oslo and Debconf3

Detailed location

The conference takes place at the University of Oslo, Blindern. The lecture hall is at Department of informatics in Gaustadalléen 23.

How to get to the Department of Informatics.

GPS coordinates

N: 6646301
E: 596122
Zone: 32V

Weather forecast for Oslo ("i dag" = today, "i morgen" = "tomorrow").

Getting to the gym

For those staying at the gym (to sleep), there is a map available. Please note that the gym will be locked during the day, but we will try to organise some guard schedule so people can get their luggage dropped off before heading for debcamp/debconf without having to lug it around the whole day.

How to get to the gym from the Gardermoen airport (if you get here by day, please go to the university first):
Take the airport coach (flybussen) to Oslo (return ticket is 50% cheaper). The buses go from the B-17 platform, its' on the far right end of the platforms; buses leave every 20 minutes. From the last stop, go north 50-100 m (the bus should stop heading to the north so it is easy). From Holbergs plass take tram 10, 17 or 18 to north (the left direction from the bus stop). Be sure to take the “right” left. Buy the ticket in advance at the 7-11 shop that is close to the tram stop, it is much cheaper to buy tickets in advance. Get off at Adamstuen (5 stops later). From the stop, and placing yourself in the direction of the tram you just left, take the street on your left. Follow it for 300m (two streets) and you will get to Pilestredet. Look at the left and you will see a sign.

GPS coordinates

N: 6645121
E: 596936
Zone: 32V

By air

There are two airports in the area; Gardermoen and Torp. Gardermoen is about 20 minutes from the centre by train, while Torp is about two hours away by bus. The schedule for the airport shuttle for Torp is available. Ticket prices.

If you are coming by the bus from Torp, get off at the Oslo bus terminal and take the subway. How to get to the Department of Informatics has more information. If you are coming from Gardermoen, the page contains all the info you need.

From the south (Germany, Denmark, south Sweden)

There are trains Hamburg-København-Göteborg-Oslo (8 hours). See Linx for more information.
There are several daily trains København-Göteborg-Oslo. See Linx for more information.
International ticket info.
There are several daily buses Göteborg-Oslo, operated by Swebus Express and possibly others.
If you are travelling by car, please notice that there is a toll of 15 NOK (about 2€) to enter the town of Oslo.
Enrico Zini is organising travel by car from Germany. Please contact him if you want to join.
Via København-Malmö-Göteborg
From Germany you can take the ferry Puttgarden-Rødbyhavn, and continue the E55 to København. Take E20 via København-Malmö to Helsingborg, and then the E6 via Göteborg to Oslo. Crossing the Öresund bridge (København-Malmö) costs 225 DKK or 275 SEK (about 30€).
There is also a ferry from København directly to Oslo.
The road is mostly highway standard except for the part close to the Swedish-Norwegian border (90-110 km/h in Sweden, 80-100 km/h in Norway). There is one road toll on the Norwegian side of the E6, costing 15 NOK (about 2€). Malmö-Oslo is probably about 6-7 hours; Göteborg-Oslo is about 3-4 hours.
Ferries from Denmark
There are ferries from Hirtshals (E39), Fredrikshavn (E45) in the north of Denmark (highway all the way from German border).
Hirtshals-Oslo: Departure 10:00, arrival 19:30 (Color Line). One-way 218€ weekends, 185€ weekdays.
Return trip is during the night, which means that cabin prices are added. Double: 26€ each, triple 30€ each, quadruple 22€ each.
They urge booking as soon as possible, prices are per-car with 3-5 people
See Stena Line for information about the Fredrikshavn-Oslo ferry.
Ferries from Germany
There is also a direct ferry from Kiel to Oslo (180€ with cabin both ways, but price is per person).

From the west (UK)

There is a ferry from Newcastle to Kristiansand (southern tip of Norway), which is part of the E18 route. E18 continues to Oslo. E18 west of Oslo is mostly not highway (60-80 km/h).

From the east (Sweden)

There are five daily trains Stockholm-Oslo on weekdays, operated by Linx. Buy tickets online from SJ.
For Göteborg, see above.
There are several daily (and overnight) buses to and from Stockholm (and other locations) operated by Swebus Express and Säfflebussen, and perhaps others.
I (peterk) recommend the route Karlstad-Arvika (road 61)-Kongsvinger if you come from the east. The E18 is bad on the Norwegian side, and has road tolls.
Shorter route (smaller roads, easier to miss) for those coming from the east: Karlstad-Arvika-Charlottenberg. Pass the border, and take road 21 south (towards Ørje), switch to road 170 west (towards Bjørkelangen/Fetsund) in Tangen. Continue towards Oslo according to the road signs.
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