Talks, speeches and workshops

The event is now over. Many of the presentations given at the event are however available for off-line viewing by following the links below.

Friday July 18th
Benjamin Mako HillSPI Workshop Various formats
Holger LevsenFully Automatic Installation workshop PDF
Peter Palfraderkeysigning partyHTML
Saturday July 19th
Jonas ÖbergLegal aspects of free softwaren/a
Jeff BaileyCDBS - Common Debian build systemHTML
Andreas SchuldeiWhy tetrinet is good for Debiann/a
Martin MichlmayrTracking inactive maintainersn/a
Michael Beattie, Anthony Towns, James TroupFTP Master workHTML
Javier Fernández-Sanguino PeñaSecurity in Debian, a discussion PDF, LaTeX
Bdale GarbeeHP and Debian (dinner speech)n/a
Sunday July 20th
Enrico ZiniUsability in Debian Impress, HTML
Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peñai18n/l10n projects PDF, LaTeX
Petter ReinholdtsenAutomated installations in Skolelinux using debian-installer and base-config OperaShow (HTML)
Andreas TilleInternal subprojects HTML, MagicPoint, HTML/JPEG
Branden RobinsonManaging Debian packages using SubversionHTML

Presentations held at DebCamp

Here are some of the presentations held during the DebCamp event that preceeded DebConf. These presentations were not an official part of the DebConf schedule.

Kurt Gramlich Skolelinux HTML/JPEG (English), HTML/JPEG (Deutsch)


If you need help displaying these documents, here are some suggestions for programs to use:

HTMLJust use whatever you're using right now...
MagicPoint MagicPoint
PDF xpdf
LaTeX teTeX
Impress OpenOffice (contrib); also for Woody
OperaShow (HTML) Your current browser; Opera (non-free) for slides
The webmasters

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