This page lists the latest important updates made to these pages, to make it easier to keep track on what has changed. Minor changes (spelling etc.) are not listed.

Front page: Updated link to the group photo.
Front page: Added link to DebConf 4.
Schedule: Added link to FAI alk.
Schedule: Added link to Mako's talks.
Front page: Added links to articles about the event, as reported to the mailing lists. Re-arranged the sections a bit.
Questionnaire: Added results from the questionnaire.
Press release: Added press release.
Schedule: More presentations available for viewing. Also added presentation from DebCamp.
Schedule: Started adding links to slides from the talks.
Entire site: Noting that the event is over now.
Getting there: Added a note about the Torp airport buses are not leaving Oslo according to the advertised schedule.
Schedule: Due to the power outage this morning, the agenda for Sunday has been slightly shuffled to accommodate this.
Schedule: Added missing dinner times for Sunday.
Front page: Added a link to the questionnaire we would like you to answer after you get home from Debconf/Debcamp.
Front page: Added some back-history on how Debconf come to Oslo.
Schedule: Added information on the FAI workshop, and did other last minute changes.
Sponsors: Added missing sponsor listing.
Schedule: Some re-arranging of the schedule.
Several pages: It is now too late to register for the NUUG barbecue.
Left hand menu bar: Added a link to the DebCampTalks wiki page.
Getting there: Added GPS coordinates for the gym.
DebCamp: Corrected time listed for the dinner.
IRC: Added a page with IRC info for DebCamp.
Getting there: Added details on how to get to the gym from the airport.
Menu: Added details on what food will be served.
DebCamp: Added DebCamp opening hours and feeding schedule.
Schedule: Made a ZIP with individual ICS files for each talk available, since some PDAs dislike calendar files with many entries.
Food: Updated with the latest information received today.
Sponsors: Added a list of DebConf sponsors. Thank you!
changelog: Added this ChangeLog.
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