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NUUG barbecue

One of the organisers behind Debcamp and Debconf3, The Norwegian Unix User Group, arranged a summer party and barbecue on the last day of Debcamp (2003-07-17). This party was sponsored by IBM, and was free for all. Everyone interested in Unix-like operating systems, free and open source software was invited.

Information about the event is available (currently Norwegian only) from NUUG. Grilled chicken, chops, bread, salad, beer, soda and mineral water was served.

More information

Simple breakfast buffet. Water, milk? and maybe fruit juice.
Simple lunch buffet with something hot. Water.
Simple dinner meal and some bread. Water.
  • Thursday 2003-07-17: NUUG summer party (see above).
  • Saturday 2003-07-19: Conference dinner.

Please see the menu for details.

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