Housing options for Debconf3

There are four options for staying at Debconf3, as noted below. We will provide some safe rooms for storage of laptops and other valuable items for those camping or staying in the gym hall.

Anker Hotel Best Western
This is a hotel, with hotel prices and therefore not the cheapest option.
Hasleveien 8
Those are now fully booked.
You are allowed to camp in the woods without paying anyone, but leave the camping place as you would like to find it: without litter and junk. A possible place to camp is Lille ┼klungen. Trams leave every 15 minutes from 0546 (0646 on Saturdays, 0716 on Sundays) until 0046 from the place marked as "Sognsvann P-plass". From there it is a few kilometres walk until a suitable camping place.
Gym hall
We have a deal with Fagerborg vgs (upper secondary school/high school) which allows us to use their gym hall as a sleeping area and showers. The school is approximately 1.5km from the building where the talks will be held. See the map.
We expect everybody that is sleeping in the gym hall to behave properly and help keep the area (that means both indoors and outdoors) clean and tidy. There's a designated area (outside) for smokers, so please go there and throw your cigarette butts in the containers designated for that, not on the ground or anything. We are allowed to use the school for free due to me helping out earlier, so please, please, if you screw up, it'll look really bad on us, so don't do that. (We'll keep the black choppers around, just in case you do, but we would prefer not to have to call them in...)
We will have Internet access in the gym halls, if we can get our hands on a switch and such. The network is quite locked off, but we think we can get a VPN tunnel set up through it.
Things to bring if you are staying in the gym:
  • Lock for the locker, to store valuables
  • Towel
  • Camping mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Power bar/extension cord (see the Debcamp page for electricity info)
Please note: The sleeping areas are for sleeping and resting, not hacking, partying or anything else. Please respect that. People will go to the gym expecting to be able to rest.
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